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Name:The Highlander 100 - Moments of Forever
Website:Highlander100 on Livejournal
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Community description:Highlander drabble challenge
Welcome one and all to Highlander 100! Like you, we couldn't find any drabble communities for Highlander so [info]dragonsinger and [info]julieoh created one. [info]spoonlessone and [info]calime33 a.k.a. [personal profile] calime have taken over as of March 2006.

Want to play? Here's how:

1. A drabble is a short fic, 100 words in length. We won't sic Kronos on you if you're a few words short or over, but the challenge of getting exact wordage is half the fun. Plus, drabbles of exactly 100 words earn you points (more on that later).

2. Fics may be any pairing/characters, provided they stick to the challenge/request. Crossovers are allowed, as long as at least one of the characters is from the HL universe. Any rating is allowed, with appropriate warnings/cut tags. (PLEASE put anything R or over behind a cut!) Slash, het, and gen are all allowed, just indicate what it is in a header so anyone squicked by anything has fair warning.

3. Challenges/topics will be presently (due to the low traffic of the comm)posted every week on Saturday irregularly. You will have until the next challenge to post your responses. (Multiples are welcome!) You can suggest future challenge topics as a comment to the original challenge post.
Between challenges you're welcome to a bit of friendly sparring, though! Click here to view the rules for Drabble trees a.k.a. Sparring. New drabble trees can be created or existing ones continued by anybody, any time.

4. Challenge responses should be their own post (i.e., not a reply to the challenge), with the challenge number and drabble title in the subject. If you've hit exactly 100 words, indicate what series regular character you want to get your points. The character with the most points at the end wins the challenge. Please tag your post with the challenge number.

5. Drabbles and requests may be posted in addition to challenge responses. If you've written one, share it! If you're in the mood for something in particular, go ahead and request it! Maybe someone will come through with the perfect gem for your day. (Be prepared to write one in return, though, if it's requested.)Request responses should be posted as a comment to the request, to make sure the person gets it. Non-challenge-related drabbles do not earn points, but they're still great to read, so post away! Please, use the "random drabble" tag for those, so that they can be archived too!

6. If you put your drabble(s) behind a cut, please give us some indication what characters/genre it is. Please don't cut it if it's just one drabble, and it's not R+ -- loading a whole new page for 100 words is a bit tedious. Also please put a title outside each cut if there are multiples, and indicate who gets your point(s) outside the cut.

7. Posting your drabble here gives us permission to archive it on a community-related web site in the future.

8. No flaming. Play nice.

9. Please, no off-topic or introductory posts. Feel free to introduce yourself by way of posting a first drabble, though!

So, want to write a few drabbles? We'd love to have you.

For your reading convenience, the previous challenge winners, complete with links to the challenges and the respective drabbles can be viewed if one clicks the link below ; also, the drabbles are grouped by the challenge and stored in Livejournal's [ profile] highlander100 memories (please note that in LJ memories, challenge #100 comes after challenge #10 etc. - don't blame me, it's the Livejournal's idea of an alphabetical list). If you want to see all drabbles by a certain author, go to LJ memories and click on the author's name. Enjoy!

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